Sunday, 1 January 2017

What My 1st Semester Feel like..

I decide to do Master in Real Estate instead of continue with construction management or doing facilities managament since it is what i've done in office. I wanted a new knowledge, understanding the economics aspect of the industry, the market and property management things. And I am so glad that I decide to venture into this.. as every lessons are new and interesting to me. Well, I might not be as good as I was when in Uni when it comes to exam and I don't have much time too since I got two kids waiting for me to play with them. But, doing Master in coursework did require me to concentrate in doing group assignment. I admit it is hard work to balance time but I enjoy the assignment as it makes me discover new things.

In my first assignment we enjoy looking at Kerinchi urbanisation.. we look around the area and make surveys with PPR Residence :) Interesting findings!

Then, I got assignment that need me to understand how to read data in company profile.. I honestly, never think that I will look into this kind of things :D interesting new knowledge.. hope I soon can consider serious investing.

The third assignment, we went to Desa Parkcity to see the sustainability of the township :) really green township. This is the first time I come here. It is nice too. My friend got help from developer to assist us looking inside these properties.

My classmates.. they are so nice, we usually do different assignment with different people :) I got chance working with lots of people, get to know each other.. and we have a classmates from China. It's fun chatting with them.

We also got chance attending seminar :D Watching people from abroad presenting and understanding Real Estate in other countries.

So far, I enjoy my first semester.. :)

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