Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Sometimes, at a point in your life you will realize that we are just some small actress that playing a really small role in this tiny world.. We can choose to be at the top and feel proud but those proud feeling is simply something that just coming from inside us.. that if we are positive people we will channel those proud feeling into a motivation to contribute more and improving.. but, negative people maybe will channel it wrongly into a negative feeling like intimidating people, feeling like you are so right or you are mightier by making people look small. Either way, those feeling is just something coming from inside us.. we are the one who choose what to think of and how it goes in channeling..

At some point in life, sometimes, looking back and understanding our purpose and our stand in doing things is very important. 

I come to work everyday : it's for... earning
but, does satisfaction comes together? what is the real purpose?
Why I love my job? : I love my job because I can help lots of people... get to know a lot of people.. When we decide a purpose, so, in whatever decision.. the purpose matters. Like here it is for helping people.. as long as people feel they get the help they needed.. We will feel satisfy and proud.. even though it might not take us to the top. Different than those who aims to just get to the top.. They might not bother of other people as long as they reach the position that they want. If you can be like both.. helping people.. and because you help a lot you get to the top so that a lot of other helps can be delivered.. subhanAllah.

People comes with opinions. Methods may vary.. as long as the goals achieved.. Some methods might be suitable here but not there.. Some things need detail.. Some others need to be delivered fast.. as the best we can give.. It makes up Challenge of choosing how things suppose to be done.. and comes back to the question of purpose.. "Are we helping people and ourselves this way" well.. if you choose the purpose to help people.

Some people might not be align with us . People might like someone that has different mind with us.... Sometimes, accept and move on is the best solution that might not hurt anyone. We won't like everyone.. and cannot make all people like us.. Getting to know people just to find out that he or she don't like us might be hurt.. but remember people comes with opinion.. just accept the fact and move on from it. We sure learn something from getting to know this person.. It will make us a better person, Insha Allah.

Whats the purpose...? What is your stand? Your stand makes you what you are! things comes with challenge.. it might not favor us.. but still we must move on in life. Aren't the rainbow comes after the challenge of hot days and rain.. We might get something else better.

Does Allah always included when you set your purpose and stand? What Allah wants from us or wants us to do.We just that tiny actress that owns by Him the Almighty.. As long as there is Allah included.. we might not stray.. Insha Allah.

"FIKIRAN kita akan menentukan niat dan niat menentukan hasil kehidupan (4K iaitu ketenangan, kebahagiaan, kesihatan dan kekayaan). Niat datang dari hati dan hati yang bersih akan menghasilkan tindakan yang bersih"

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