Wednesday, 8 March 2017


Sometimes, at a point in your life you will realize that we are just some small actress that playing a really small role in this tiny world.. We can choose to be at the top and feel proud but those proud feeling is simply something that just coming from inside us.. that if we are positive people we will channel those proud feeling into a motivation to contribute more and improving.. but, negative people maybe will channel it wrongly into a negative feeling like intimidating people, feeling like you are so right or you are mightier by making people look small. Either way, those feeling is just something coming from inside us.. we are the one who choose what to think of and how it goes in channeling..

At some point in life, sometimes, looking back and understanding our purpose and our stand in doing things is very important. 

I come to work everyday : it's for... earning
but, does satisfaction comes together? what is the real purpose?
Why I love my job? : I love my job because I can help lots of people... get to know a lot of people.. When we decide a purpose, so, in whatever decision.. the purpose matters. Like here it is for helping people.. as long as people feel they get the help they needed.. We will feel satisfy and proud.. even though it might not take us to the top. Different than those who aims to just get to the top.. They might not bother of other people as long as they reach the position that they want. If you can be like both.. helping people.. and because you help a lot you get to the top so that a lot of other helps can be delivered.. subhanAllah.

People comes with opinions. Methods may vary.. as long as the goals achieved.. Some methods might be suitable here but not there.. Some things need detail.. Some others need to be delivered fast.. as the best we can give.. It makes up Challenge of choosing how things suppose to be done.. and comes back to the question of purpose.. "Are we helping people and ourselves this way" well.. if you choose the purpose to help people.

Some people might not be align with us . People might like someone that has different mind with us.... Sometimes, accept and move on is the best solution that might not hurt anyone. We won't like everyone.. and cannot make all people like us.. Getting to know people just to find out that he or she don't like us might be hurt.. but remember people comes with opinion.. just accept the fact and move on from it. We sure learn something from getting to know this person.. It will make us a better person, Insha Allah.

Whats the purpose...? What is your stand? Your stand makes you what you are! things comes with challenge.. it might not favor us.. but still we must move on in life. Aren't the rainbow comes after the challenge of hot days and rain.. We might get something else better.

Does Allah always included when you set your purpose and stand? What Allah wants from us or wants us to do.We just that tiny actress that owns by Him the Almighty.. As long as there is Allah included.. we might not stray.. Insha Allah.

"FIKIRAN kita akan menentukan niat dan niat menentukan hasil kehidupan (4K iaitu ketenangan, kebahagiaan, kesihatan dan kekayaan). Niat datang dari hati dan hati yang bersih akan menghasilkan tindakan yang bersih"

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Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Small Field to play Bubbles

The whole week khayra has been requesting to play bubbles. And we promise her to play bubbles on saturday. 

Our favorite spot to play bubbles is at setia city mall park. It is a small park but a really nice one. I personally think that the mall successfully makes the mall concept a really fun one. A place where family can bring their kids to play, watch pretty fountain and have dinner or lunch. We can also picnic at the park. If you happen to be around setia alam.. come enjoy the fun at setia city mall.

Both Khayra and adik really enjoy the bubble's playtime. It's ok if you didn't bring any bubbles play set.. here, we can rent the bubbles set for price of RM5 ( 2 blow stick, a small basin) but we use RM10 yesterday because RM5 not enough for them. 

It's easy actually even for small kids.. they don't have to actually blow.. just wait for wind to blow it and create lots of bubbles.

After that, we choose to eat Mc-D ice cream and play at the playground.

If you stay until night,  you can watch the fountain with lights.. 

KLCC wading pool and park

Last week khayra was learning about sea. She brings home the sea in the bottle.

The art is so cute.. i think it is sure fun for her to learn things by making some art about it. She can name all the sea creatures on her bottle 😁

On friday, she comes home asking me if we can go swimming. She said 'teacher cakap boleh pegi swimming'. I think it is related to this week topic involve sea and swimming 😅 she start reminiscing
Legoland water park that we've been to last year.

I didn't promise anything to her. I ask hubby if we can go to klcc. I heard there is a wading pool in klcc but I haven't seen the condition.

When arriving at KLCC park and passing the pool.. both khayra and izzul ask if they can play with water since they know i didn't bring the swimming suit. But i always bring spare clothes.. and they can just wear the spare clothes.

The wading pool is so big.. and the water is shallow. It has nice water cascade.. The condition looks good to me.. and even after one week passing, their health are ok too ( but they are both nursery baby) . I know some parents feel worried to get their child play in free big pool like this. 

They really enjoy the pool... and i can watch them without needing to change clothes.. a yay to me!

You probably can make really nice picture with klcc background here 😁 Some parents bring food to picnic under the tree around the pool.

Next to the pool is a huge playground.. 

After playing with waters.. the kids can enjoy the playground until the hair dry themselves 😅 even mama feels slightly lighter chasing after them in a huge playground like this 😁 it is sure double the fun for them.. 

Khayra already mention to me that the next time, we should bring water gun to the pool. And she saw someone playing balloon bubbles so it becomes her wishes for this weekend outing 😊

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Buku cerita kanak kanak tadika

I've been searching for good books that can help my girl in reading as she just turn 5 years old.. and in 6 years old class ( that's what happen when your child born at the end of year 😅)  i know we have lots of option when coming to english language.. but, i'm looking for good series of books to help her reading bahasa melayu.r

I know she can read the suku kata but only 2 letters suku kata not more than that yet..  ( ha, ri, i, ni) she still didn't master the combination of sound when adding other letters to the basic 2 letters.
(Hu- jan, pa-kai, ) 

I bought bacalah anak ku.. she did read but it doesn't seem so interesting to her. Most other story books even though read by suku kata, still have combination of 2 suku kata and all the addition.

Last weekend, i happen to stumble on really good book series for bahasa melayu/ malaysia in kinokuniya. It is from pelangi publication.

In this book series, the first series are books with only 2 suku kata. And things move harder in 2nd and 3rd series. It is so perfect for lil khayra to start reading.

The pics are cute too.. the words are simple but make up stories that can be understood by little one. Kids won't feel bored.. khayra can read 2 books in one session and don't mind to repeat her reading later.

The first series comes with 8 books.. and each book sold separately at RM5.90 each.

Check out pelangi website to purchase online. Siri mudah baca from pelangi.

P/s: pelangi is the most fav book when i sit for spm 😊

Friday, 6 January 2017

Mak Su Iqa Bakery and Cafe

After sometimes, yesterday decide to try dine in at Mak su iqa 😊 actually, been buying the burgers lots of time before this. The burgers are so yummy! Even when they close shop for sometimes to upgrade, i'm missing the burger terribly. I usually just take away my burgers. (Rm5.++)

Yesterday decide to try other menus... chicken grill, lamb and gli spaghetti. Molto buono! And the price are just so worth it.

Here's an uncomplete yet review ( i'm too  hungry to take more pictures) 

Lots of people come here to celebrate birthday as they have small cakes in round shape.. perfect for small family birthday. Tasted the moist chocolate and it is nicely bake. 

Here's my lamb! I don't have other food pics yet. Will update the entry once i got more pics.. we will certainly come again and again 😂

While waiting.. 😁

So.. the shop located at bandar bukit raja.. near klinik dr sharifah and laundry bar. If you guys happen to be around , like on da way from setia city mall to shah alam.. why not drop by and try 😊 open at 6.30pm .. best coming after maghrib.

Updated 😅

Our halfway spaghetti.. too hungry to take pic first.. after few bite baru bleh take pic 😂😂

Chicken grill halfway too 😅, the fries is not this much la because some other fries fly into my plate. But, chicken grill often arrive last.. need to be patient a bit. But honestly, my most fav dish here. Really yummylicious.

I will update for the cute cake later 😁 as i forgot to take pic 😁

Monday, 2 January 2017

2017 work mood

I'm super excited with the new desktop mood. 😂 i think begin work with a welcoming desktop can lift the spirit a bit.  Haha. I actually creating record file and decide that i reorganize a bit.. fall in love with this background and icon and decide to use it. 

Have fun working in 2017!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Birthday 2016

My kids both are end of year baby.. So end of year i will need to spare sometimes to prepare for birthdays. Kids nowadays just love theme birthday. They want their cake have characters that they like. 

Since this years is a bit hectic with study, i got everything prepare a simpler way. Got their cakes bake by friend from thatsweetbite. Really delicious rainbow cake.. yummy! Got their goodie bag done by buying stuff at kaison and checkers. And recycle last year paper bag too

Khayra's theme birthday is minnie so we have all the things prepare in this theme..

Izzul birthday theme is pokemon.. and i had things prepare in pokemon themes for him. His cake has pikachu face. He had the day share with iman and iman start first before us. It is raining so bad that day makes my way to school slower. 

Both of them so happy with this year birthday.. hopefully a joyous one too next year.