Saturday, 14 January 2017

A Small Field to play Bubbles

The whole week khayra has been requesting to play bubbles. And we promise her to play bubbles on saturday. 

Our favorite spot to play bubbles is at setia city mall park. It is a small park but a really nice one. I personally think that the mall successfully makes the mall concept a really fun one. A place where family can bring their kids to play, watch pretty fountain and have dinner or lunch. We can also picnic at the park. If you happen to be around setia alam.. come enjoy the fun at setia city mall.

Both Khayra and adik really enjoy the bubble's playtime. It's ok if you didn't bring any bubbles play set.. here, we can rent the bubbles set for price of RM5 ( 2 blow stick, a small basin) but we use RM10 yesterday because RM5 not enough for them. 

It's easy actually even for small kids.. they don't have to actually blow.. just wait for wind to blow it and create lots of bubbles.

After that, we choose to eat Mc-D ice cream and play at the playground.

If you stay until night,  you can watch the fountain with lights.. 

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