Sunday, 21 August 2016

The last day on my 20's

Today mark the last day in my 20's

I did look back.. and trip down the memory lane of what being 20's like
20's are the time when you searching for what are you going to up to in life
It's time when most of us finish study, choose a career path, being in relationship, and for some, get married.

As for me, I got married when I turn 24, quite in early 20's. I'm married to the man that I've been so in love with for years.. I'm happy with that. I got my 1st baby the year after, and the 2nd one after another 2 years. My life quickly revolve around being mummy to my lovely babies and being a wife. I have spend lots of my 20's years in this 2 roles.

I must agree that I forget lots of myself.. I recently forgot moisturizer which is so bad since now I'm turning 30. I forgot how I love lipstick. I forgot how much I love to write and blog, I forgot my silly dance whenever I'm free, I forgot the bikini workout I paste on my wardrobe :D I look after myself less.

Today, I'm kind of remember all of this wonderful things that I shouldn't forget. I should make ways for myself to have all this things that I have loved so much comes back to me, while I'm also trying to reach my goals.

I will start my master study next month.. and I have left uni like 7 years ago... I did feel scared. It something I have to do now and I always wanted to do it and it seems like a right time.

I have gain weight, and it feels so bad.. Since I like the idea of dancing together but women only, I think zumba can be like a good start for a fitness routine. I want to do what I like, instead of feeling annoyed with exercise routine.. Oh, I wish I can allocate time for this. Apart from class, I will try to enjoy things in the comfort of my home.

I should start using moisturizer and hopefully, adding collagen as part of beauty routine :D and praying hard to at least loving the lipstick back.

I have move from one blog to another, It's my bad habbit. But I thought that for this time, I might want to share things in blogger. I hope it will be something fun. I thought of still keeping a travel blog, continue with good, a more serious version of writing in my most followed blog and leave the emotion on tumblr. So here, you just going to see me babbling about the whole world.. everything... with some pics.

And my enemy is time.. May Allah grant me a more barakah seconds so I can do more in 24 hours.

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