Sunday, 1 January 2017


Happy New year everyone..

2017 hopefully will be a great year.

2016 has been a challenging one.

  • Got transfer letter to somewhere my hubby cannot come with.. fight for it and Alhamdulillah, Allah let me stay together with my family. Was so down back then.. 
  • Office has been changing lots.. affecting my daily job and yup next year some more changes. I might babble some but well.. let's take it positively, things will change and evolve..hopefully to the better.
  • I manage to tick an important box of my new year resolution 2016, to start my master study. Leaving study things for 7 years, I did found it a struggle. Taking 2 subjects and happily passing one so far.. was feeling at the edge for another subject because this one got final exam and I'm honestly not so confident with my answers. Putting myself in ready mood to either passing and not passing. Will try harder for other subjects next semester.. However it is, I have learn a lot of things I haven't come across with. I'm glad I choose this course.
So, what 2017 will  be like? :) I can see myself trying my best to divide between home, office and study. But well, let's try the best.

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