Friday, 6 January 2017

Mak Su Iqa Bakery and Cafe

After sometimes, yesterday decide to try dine in at Mak su iqa 😊 actually, been buying the burgers lots of time before this. The burgers are so yummy! Even when they close shop for sometimes to upgrade, i'm missing the burger terribly. I usually just take away my burgers. (Rm5.++)

Yesterday decide to try other menus... chicken grill, lamb and gli spaghetti. Molto buono! And the price are just so worth it.

Here's an uncomplete yet review ( i'm too  hungry to take more pictures) 

Lots of people come here to celebrate birthday as they have small cakes in round shape.. perfect for small family birthday. Tasted the moist chocolate and it is nicely bake. 

Here's my lamb! I don't have other food pics yet. Will update the entry once i got more pics.. we will certainly come again and again 😂

While waiting.. 😁

So.. the shop located at bandar bukit raja.. near klinik dr sharifah and laundry bar. If you guys happen to be around , like on da way from setia city mall to shah alam.. why not drop by and try 😊 open at 6.30pm .. best coming after maghrib.

Updated 😅

Our halfway spaghetti.. too hungry to take pic first.. after few bite baru bleh take pic 😂😂

Chicken grill halfway too 😅, the fries is not this much la because some other fries fly into my plate. But, chicken grill often arrive last.. need to be patient a bit. But honestly, my most fav dish here. Really yummylicious.

I will update for the cute cake later 😁 as i forgot to take pic 😁

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