Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Buku cerita kanak kanak tadika

I've been searching for good books that can help my girl in reading as she just turn 5 years old.. and in 6 years old class ( that's what happen when your child born at the end of year 😅)  i know we have lots of option when coming to english language.. but, i'm looking for good series of books to help her reading bahasa melayu.r

I know she can read the suku kata but only 2 letters suku kata not more than that yet..  ( ha, ri, i, ni) she still didn't master the combination of sound when adding other letters to the basic 2 letters.
(Hu- jan, pa-kai, ) 

I bought bacalah anak ku.. she did read but it doesn't seem so interesting to her. Most other story books even though read by suku kata, still have combination of 2 suku kata and all the addition.

Last weekend, i happen to stumble on really good book series for bahasa melayu/ malaysia in kinokuniya. It is from pelangi publication.

In this book series, the first series are books with only 2 suku kata. And things move harder in 2nd and 3rd series. It is so perfect for lil khayra to start reading.

The pics are cute too.. the words are simple but make up stories that can be understood by little one. Kids won't feel bored.. khayra can read 2 books in one session and don't mind to repeat her reading later.

The first series comes with 8 books.. and each book sold separately at RM5.90 each.

Check out pelangi website to purchase online. Siri mudah baca from pelangi.

P/s: pelangi is the most fav book when i sit for spm 😊

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