Saturday, 14 January 2017

KLCC wading pool and park

Last week khayra was learning about sea. She brings home the sea in the bottle.

The art is so cute.. i think it is sure fun for her to learn things by making some art about it. She can name all the sea creatures on her bottle 😁

On friday, she comes home asking me if we can go swimming. She said 'teacher cakap boleh pegi swimming'. I think it is related to this week topic involve sea and swimming 😅 she start reminiscing
Legoland water park that we've been to last year.

I didn't promise anything to her. I ask hubby if we can go to klcc. I heard there is a wading pool in klcc but I haven't seen the condition.

When arriving at KLCC park and passing the pool.. both khayra and izzul ask if they can play with water since they know i didn't bring the swimming suit. But i always bring spare clothes.. and they can just wear the spare clothes.

The wading pool is so big.. and the water is shallow. It has nice water cascade.. The condition looks good to me.. and even after one week passing, their health are ok too ( but they are both nursery baby) . I know some parents feel worried to get their child play in free big pool like this. 

They really enjoy the pool... and i can watch them without needing to change clothes.. a yay to me!

You probably can make really nice picture with klcc background here 😁 Some parents bring food to picnic under the tree around the pool.

Next to the pool is a huge playground.. 

After playing with waters.. the kids can enjoy the playground until the hair dry themselves 😅 even mama feels slightly lighter chasing after them in a huge playground like this 😁 it is sure double the fun for them.. 

Khayra already mention to me that the next time, we should bring water gun to the pool. And she saw someone playing balloon bubbles so it becomes her wishes for this weekend outing 😊

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