Sunday, 1 January 2017

Birthday 2016

My kids both are end of year baby.. So end of year i will need to spare sometimes to prepare for birthdays. Kids nowadays just love theme birthday. They want their cake have characters that they like. 

Since this years is a bit hectic with study, i got everything prepare a simpler way. Got their cakes bake by friend from thatsweetbite. Really delicious rainbow cake.. yummy! Got their goodie bag done by buying stuff at kaison and checkers. And recycle last year paper bag too

Khayra's theme birthday is minnie so we have all the things prepare in this theme..

Izzul birthday theme is pokemon.. and i had things prepare in pokemon themes for him. His cake has pikachu face. He had the day share with iman and iman start first before us. It is raining so bad that day makes my way to school slower. 

Both of them so happy with this year birthday.. hopefully a joyous one too next year.

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